My name is Igor van der Burgh. I live in the Netherlands. Proud fathers of two really cool boys.
IT geek, Apple Fan Boy, former Sailor (Royal Dutch Navy).
I have been working in IT for almost 20 odd years. During my time within the Royal Dutch Navy I worked in the communications department.
Whilst working with Radio’s, Telex, and RTT signals, I was getting more and more interested in computers.


After my Navy days started to work as a system engineer for the SMB market. First worked with Novell and Microsoft Windows Server (NT3.51) & Windows 3.1. After a couple of years I was introduced with Citrix Winframe & Citrix Winviewbased on OS/2. After that  became focussed on Server Based Computing and fell in love with the Citrix stack. When Citrix Metaframe 1.8 was introduced by Citrix I became really enthusiastic about the product ranges. Virtualization became more and more common. That took me into the world of VMware. In the beginning of SBC or End User Computing if you will, it was a struggle to keep the users experience persistent. In those days, I started to work with “PowerMenu” which became RES Powerfuse —> RES Workspace Manager. In a nutshell all those years I was focused on EUC and interested and working with Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, RES Software, Appsense. And still keep track of all innovations in the market

Really love the community E2EVC, DuCUG, CUCG, Citrix Community, and love the fact that I am part of this…

Starting out as a System Engineer, became a Consultant, then SR Consultant and now a Solution Architect.

Loving my job, and I am really happy that I can work with so much cool technology

With this Blog I want to share as much knowledge that I come a across during my work on a daily bases.