Citrix Optimizer integration in Citrix Workspace Environment Management Service.

Workspace Environment Management Service uses intelligent resource management and profile management technologies to deliver the best possible performance, desktop logon, and application response times for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments. It is a software-only, driver-free solution.

At this moment Citrix Optimizer is available and integrated into Citrix WEM Service.

Citrix Optimizer Background Info


The Citrix Optimizer is a Windows tool to help Citrix administrators optimize various components in their environment.

Citrix Optimizer is actually powered by PowerShell scripts and data file, which is prepared for different platforms (Windows 10, Windows  2016, etc) and also adopted to customization.

  • CtxOptimizerEngine.ps1 is the execution script
  • Modules folder includes PowerShell modules which are called in CtxOptimizerEngine.ps1
  • Templates folder includes a series of xml files which are used as a source parameter for CtxOptimizerEngine.ps1. These are default templates provided.

Citrix Optimizer supports 3 different modes: Analyze, Execute and Rollback

  • Analyze – Do not apply any changes, only show the recommended changes.
  • Execute – Apply the changes to the operating system.
  • Rollback – Revert the applied changes. Requires a valid XML backup from the previously run Execute phase. This file is usually called Execute_History.xml.

For Citrix WEM integration “Execute” mode is used.

Following is a basic diagram with the process flow:

You can use the feature to optimize user environments for better performance. Citrix optimizer runs a quick scan of user environments and then applies template-based optimization recommendations. You can optimize user environments in two ways:

Default Templates

You can use built-in templates to perform optimizations. To do so, select a template applicable to the operating system.

Editing a Template

Previewing Settings

Custom Templates

Alternatively, you can create your own custom templates with specific optimizations you want and then add them to WEM.

On the Administration Console > System Optimization > Citrix Optimizer > Citrix Optimizer tab, click Add.

Be sure that you have uploaded a file upfront.

(This is just an example, you get the idea)

Administrator Agent settings

Under the agent administration a new setting is available for Citrix Optimizer.

Settings for Citrix Optimizer can be backuped and restored.

Wem Agent Items

As previously mentioned Citrix Optimizer is powered by PowerShell. The agent needs to be updated also with the latest version.

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