Moving On to a New Adventure.

From 1st of July 2018,  I will be starting a new job… I am going to join the ranks of Citrix. So why Citrix you may ask.. Let me explain why I’m so excited about this new endeavor.


As my Career in IT started in 2000 within a small company. I started as a System Engineer and my responsibility was maintaining the customers IT environment. Most of the time this was based on Novell networks. Some of them where Windows NT 3.51 servers.


For a specific customer who had a main office and a couple of branch offices we build a sort of a rack system full of motherboards with Windows 95 system on them. From the branches they connected with PC-Anywhere and that is how they did their work.


Suddenly we discovered Citrix Winframe for Windows NT. And we started working with that. And since then I spend most of my time focused and working around the Citrix product stack. You could say in all those years I evolved myself to be a real End User Computing specialist. I worked with Citrix Winframe, Citrix Metaframe, Citrix Presentation Server. All the way up to Citrix XenApp en Desktops. During those years I tried to be part of the fantastic community we have in the Netherlands and also abroad. (DuCug, E2EVC)


Within my last position with B-Critical, I made some nice steps from Consultant, Sr Consultant and now act as a Solution Architect. B-Critical gave me the change to let me grow. The last couple of years I also learned much about the larger enterprise customers. As a couple of my projects and engagements was with larger Healthcare companies and Government agencies. I designed and implemented End User computing environments mostly based on Citrix. My role was also to give advice on IT strategies and creating business & continuity plans..


I always had a plan that my next step in my IT career would be, to be working with a Vendor and off course I made a shortlist…:)
  • Citrix
  • Res Software (Ivanti)
  • Microsoft
  • Nutanix


A couple of months ago an opportunity came along which I could not resist. A job opening within Citrix Consulting Services. I did not have to think twice and contacted my contacts within Citrix. And so, the process begun…
As I told earlier in this blog, I am really excited of becoming a Citrite. The future is here, and Citrix is doing a great job with their Cloud Services Proposition. From on premise to the cloud and all in between. Nice things and I am looking forward joining this great team and from now on focusing more and more on the Citrix Portfolio.
Hope to see you all in the near future, in some kind of community event.
Any questions, ping me and I will come back to you…



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