Citrix Change Names Product Ranges

Today at Citrix Synergy 2018 Anaheim. Citrix introduced the new naming scheme for their products. If we look back in the past 20 plus years. I think this is the 13th name change that the company has made.
If we look at the product range which started in 1995
  • Winframe (1995)
  • Metaframe 1.8 (1997)
  • Metaframe XP (2001)
  • Presentation Server 3.0 (2004)
  • Presentation Server 4.0 (2005)
  • Presentation Server 4.5 (2007)
  • “Win”
  • “Frame”
  • “Meta”
Over those years Citrix has been dropping terms term of recognition.
After taking over XenSource in 2007 the product range was transferred to the new (Xen) name. like XenApp, XenDesktop, and XenServer. This was branded as a total concept for end-to-end virtualization.
IMA became FMA
So, what are the naming plans for the future.  Citrix wants to try to reinvent their products names and move more and more to the cloud. The cloud is the way forward for Citrix with more and more subscription based business. If we take that into consideration maybe we can justify this name change. And as a community embrace the new names.
For now the new Naming Scheme will be a “Citrix+ Function” product naming scheme. NetScaler and Xen will disappear, how sad, because we all know these names very well. On the other hand, if you want to do something, you have to go all the way…
And for me, if I am completely honest, looking at the names. It makes sense and it feels more logic and simple.  
This is the new list of products names with the former name included.
New Name
Former Name
Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management
Citrix Provisioning
Citrix Provisioning Service
Citrix Workspace App
Citrix Receiver
Citrix Workspace
Citrix Workspace Service
Citrix Workspace
Citrix Workspace Suite
Citrix Virtual Apps
Citrix XenApp
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
Citrix XenApp and Desktops
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service
Citrix XenApp and Desktops
Citrix Virtual Desktops
Citrix XenDesktop
Citrix Endpoint Management
Citrix XenMobile
Citrix Content Collaboration
StoreFront (Does not exists in Citrix Workspace. Will keep the same name in on-premise deployments
Citrix Hypervisor
Citrix Secure Browser
XenApp Secure browser
Citrix ADC
NetScaler ADC
Citrix Web App Firewall
NetScaler AppFirewall
Citrix Gateway
NetScaler Access Gateway
Citrix Application Delivery Management
NetScaler Management and Analytics System
Citrix SD-WAN
NetScaler SD-WAN
Citrix Secure Web Gateway
NetScaler Secure Web Gateway
Citrix Gateway
NetScaler Unified Gateway

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